My name is Angel “C.P.H.” Castaneda. In 2009, when I was only 8, I was getting babysat by my sister, April, and I said I always wanted to make a video. So she set up her webcam and I made a video called “Real cartoon Fred” (stupid name). My sister uploaded the video to YouTube the next day. In December 2011, I created an animation short called “A Frosty Miracle” about 2 boys who try everything to get their snowman to come to life. When I was finished, I made a production studio called “Castaneda Harmon Productions”(before Plank). During that time, I was new to making films, so I made a series called “Clayman” about a man made out of green Play-Doh. 7 months later, I renamed the studio “Castaneda Plank Harmon Productions” because I made my own replica of Plank, a character from Cartoon Network’s show, Ed Edd n Eddy.. I made all my videos on my mom’s cellphone camera. I made several episodes of this show called “Video Video Weekends” with my nephew, Robert Harmon, which we did every weekend. The first episode was made July 20, 2012. I then created my own series’ such as “The Retro Gamer” and “Jimmy the Nerd”. I then started getting back into my animation and started working on this show called “Totally Awesome Show” about an angry stick figure named Angry Dude, a weird mutant girl named Random Girl, and a stick figure kid with a dinosaur head named Dino Kid.

Well, that’s the history of this whole studio.


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  1. Darthcjdude · February 22, 2014

    The Purple Ninja Studios! http://darthcjdude.wordpress.com look on the purple ninja studios page

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