the hunt for herobrine begins……

hi guys. this is alec (crash). as you know, cph has been in a coma for several months now, due to the events that have been happening surounding the minecraft creepy pasta, herobrine. as shown on part 6, cph is trapped in minecraft, held hostage by herobrine. so far, i have not seen herobrine or cph since that sighting. thats why i have a plan. me and my friend carl are going to document the process of hunting down herobrine in order to set cph free. ive been trying to hunt down herobrine for ever since that sighting for more footage in my world, but i have yet to see him again. luckliy, i have the supplies for the herobrine totem,  armor and weapons to protect myself. im planning in a few weeks to document the process with carl, and hopefully this will be the last sighting of the series. look foward to part 7, things may get a little nutty. see ya then!

-alec, “crashandburn99”