Corbacraft Memories…

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(Credit to Enderman_Zod, Paper Dragon, and DigletTheMiner for the pics)

Now, if you played on Corbacraft with me, Diglet, jackary1, lsgemerald4, GigaAl, and the others, than you were playing on the golden age of Corbacraft, when everything was perfect, fun, and worth playing on. In Diglet’s town, Drybones, we would survive, make houses for newcoming players, make clubs and restaurants, and overall have fun. Those were the days. That is, until it went downhill. The rest of the server became more hostile, it became less fun, and more people quit, including me and Diglet. GigaAl and jackary stayed on until the server reset, Zod left the Corba staff, and lsgemerald4 mysteriously deleted all and every single way of contacting her, including her YouTube, kik, Skype, Instagram, all except her MC account. Soon, the map reset, and the server got a whole new look, getting rid of the old staff, bringing in a new staff, a new community, and overall making it into a whole new server. But what I want to talk about is the Golden age of Corba, and that is why I made this:

A recreation of my club on Corbacraft, nicknamed “pLace”. If you lived in Drybones, this was the place for all the players to go to for hanging out, jaming, and stealing all our beer which was actually Potions of Poisoning. o_o

I even made a freaking website about it: (you can find the old screenshots of the building there)

There were so many memories there, it brings a tear to my eye whenever I think about the old gang and the original community.
2015-07-06_14.50.54 2015-07-06_14.51.24 2015-07-06_14.51.11 2015-07-06_14.51.00 2015-07-06_14.50.59

The main reason why I built it was to go down a trip down memory lane, and go on an old nostalgia trip. Long lived, Corbacraft.

Corba memories



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  2. SF PaperDragon · July 6, 2015

    I fotget which ones are mine

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