People React to “Greifers Caught on Footage”

People React to Greifers Caught on Footage

Link to Zod’s (less wiser) editon:
Try your best to SPAM SPAM SPAM THE COMMENTS with hate! He deserves it!!!

UPDATE: It seems that Zod is a total woose so he deleted his “People React to Greifers” post. Try spamming his latest post, maybe that’ll help (?).

One comment

  1. SuperFolder Grant from the wiki · October 13, 2014

    (Imitation of Stephan’s very crazy British accent I think it sounds like a sports announcer) oh yes let’s spammedy spam these comments oh why yes we must! Totally we must! (Try to picture a semi British sports announcer that’s really tall with a white dress shirt and scarf that’s unraveld and you will know how to say it).

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