Donut Fight 2014 News!

Hey guys! It’s C.P.H.! Now, as most of you know I am making Donut Fight 2014 in July! Now, it was originally intended to be a parody of Food Battle from Smosh, but “some people” (You know who you are XD) have been bugging the living crap out about if/when I will make Donut Fight 2014. Well, I gave in. Now, this year YOU will be picking Robert’s donut this year! I released the poll a couple of days ago, and a few days later I released the TEASER TRAILER! Keyword being TEASER because it isn’t the full TRAILER. I need to film the video first, and even before that we need to know which donut is going to be Robert’s donut. The official date for the end of the poll is chosen to be July 5th, but the official date for when Donut Fight 2014 is still yet to be known. Here is the teaser trailer:

So ya! That’s all the news! Here is the link to the poll:

Have a good day, guys! This is C.P.H. signing out!


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