Herobrine is Real!!!

Hi guys. This is C.P.H. Now, today, I was playing on my private server with Adam Cox (The Evil Jawa), and then one thing popped up in the chat: Herobrine joined the game. Now, at first I thought it was Adam trying to prank me, but I then realized it was an actual player. At first, he didn’t do much. He just stood still, looked at everything, and sometimes ran in circles. Heck, me and Adam even killed him a couple of times. Adam, by the way, is a Herobrine non-believer. I was also Skyping him at the time. But after our fun, he became invisible and started destroying everything! It even started raining and lightning even struck on my house! I kept doing /kick Herobrine, but he kept logging back on! I decided to do /ban Herobrine. Adam then told me he now thinks Herobrine is real. I only have one piece of evidence: a screenshot. Here it is:
By the way, I encountered Herobrine in the form of a player, NOT a mob, like everyone thinks. I may make a documentary. Also, Adam got video footage, so I might release that if he emails me the footage. I just needed to tell you guys my encounter, and also to inform you that he is real, and that he might log onto your server. This is C.P.H. signing out!



  1. Darthshredder · May 28, 2014

    I have some screenshots of him the exact same way! My friend and me were playing and the EXACT SAME THING came on! I can send you some screenshots!

  2. SF Stephan · May 31, 2014

    honestly i don’t believe in herobrine i have never seen him on my PC/Mac account

    • C.P.H. Productions · May 31, 2014

      Well, I have and I’m talking about the PLAYER. NOT the MOB. If you look on any skin stealer app that steals skins from any ACCOUNT, and you type in Herobrine, his skin pops up.

  3. Firk · June 4, 2014

    Can I join dey server. me and zods server, corbacraft, is down…

    • Firk · June 4, 2014

      I know a guy who knows a guy…

      • Firk · June 4, 2014

        jk, but is the brine really on yins server?

    • C.P.H. Productions · June 4, 2014

      u wanna join my server, ur askin? Sure! Just comment ur username and Ill invite u, also its a realms server, not a regular one

      • Firk · June 4, 2014

        aye me name is DigletTheMiner

      • Firk · June 4, 2014

        and how would I get on a realms server.

      • Firk · June 5, 2014

        sooo, is u gonna invite me?

  4. can you invite me? My MC name is grant387532 and my account email/username grantthetimelord@gmail.com

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