A problem with my server……

Hello. This is CPH. Now, you guys might be aware of my new Minecraft server. Well, I’m considering deleting it. See, today, I had to deal with greifers while playing with my girfriend on my server. You know who you are, greifers. Anyways, they destroyed my house. The big on with my face on it. So……I was thinking, maybe I sould get rid of it. Anyways, this post was just to inform you that there may be no more contests to play with me on. Sorry, but this problem must be resolved. This is CPH signing out!



  1. sfmagicman · May 4, 2014

    That was a Creeper, dude!

    • C.P.H. Productions · May 4, 2014

      It wasn’t a creeper. My whole entire house was gone. It was a big house, too. Like a mansion. A little tiny creeper couldn’t have blown up a huge ginormous house like mine. It was one of my closest friends i thought i could trust, but i was wrong. Hes also a popular superfolder.

      • sfmagicman · May 4, 2014


      • C.P.H. Productions · May 4, 2014

        If i say who, it would cause alot of commotion

      • darthcjdude · May 5, 2014

        well, yeah. Everyone would start being mean to you or the greifer. then everyone would pick sides and, blah blah blah, I would like to live in peace. I don’t want ANOTHER war.

      • C.P.H. Productions · May 5, 2014

        Yeah. Kinda like the thing with SF Jedi Trevor and JC. And that took MONTHS to get taken care of.

      • darthcjdude · May 5, 2014

        yeah. could you find a way to tell me in private? like e-mail?

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