Me and endergandolf (sfmagicman) defeated the Ender Dragon!!! Wait ’til Episode 3 to see it!!!

I have offically begun a Minecraft Realms Server! Just put your Minecraft username in the comments and I will invite you to my server!!! You will also be in CPH Does Minecraft! It’s so easy!!! Rules:
1. When on my server, do NOT ask to be opped, or you will be kicked and/or banned.
2. Do not hack.
3. Do not greif.
4. No cursing or insulting other players.

So get commenting!!!


  1. Darthshredder · May 7, 2014

    I don’t have an account but can you try to make me part of it?

  2. AngrySpencer931 · January 4, 2015

    Hi CPH! REmmember me? I was your friend on a herobrine server with Ungarr and joey! Anyways can i be on your realm? Just invite me if yes My Username is AngrySpencer931

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