I have offically begun a Minecraft Realms Server! Just put your Minecraft username in the comments and I will invite you to my server!!! You will also be in CPH Does Minecraft! It’s so easy!!! Rules:
1. When on my server, do NOT ask to be opped, or you will be kicked and/or banned.
2. Do not hack.
3. Do not greif.
4. No cursing or insulting other players.

So get commenting!!!

The first one to join gets to live with me in this beautiful mansion and will be apart of the official CPH Does Minecraft Crew!!!




  1. SF_StookyLukey · April 25, 2014

    Isn’t realms just pocket edition?

  2. sfmagicman · April 25, 2014

    underhanded, no caps.

    • sfmagicman · April 25, 2014

      endergandalf, I mean.

      • C.P.H. Productions · April 25, 2014

        I invited you! You may now go into my server!!!

      • C.P.H. Productions · April 25, 2014

        Just press the “Minecraft Realms” button on the title screen! (Unless you don’t have the 1.7.9 update.

      • sfmagicman · April 25, 2014

        I’ll do it later.

  3. Darthshredder · May 7, 2014

    Can I please?

  4. SF Stephan · May 31, 2014

    i wont tell you mine but sf grants is grant387532

    P.S. do you have a skin

    • C.P.H. Productions · May 31, 2014

      Yes, I do have a skin, but this is an old post, and I’m sorry, but the contest is over due to greifers.

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