This is Henry. He is an annoying 7 year old kid who is unpopular, stupid, dumb, ugly, nerdy, geeky, weak, untalented……uh……what was I talking about again? Oh, yeah! Henry! Even though he is not so bright, he will play a BIG role in the storyline. Also, there is another new character coming soon, so stay tuned for another update!


  1. SF Stephan · October 26, 2013

    Hey CPH I want to blacklist someone on I have adminship and I want to get rid of wb Firk what do I do?

  2. SuperFolder Grant from the wiki · October 26, 2013

    K I let Stephan do that I’ll make you an admin expect an email please do it as soon as your an admin

    • plankthewood · October 26, 2013

      Done. You won’t have to worry about Firk anymore on your website

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